Spring Hill Missionary Baptist Church

Kingdom Citizens
Changing the World through Faith, Prayer, Witnessing & Evangelism
Church History
Church Mission
Our mission is to worship God, to witness and to share the Gospel of the love of Jesus Christ to unvelievers.  
To educate new believers on how to live a victorious life through Jesus Christ.  To minister to those who are hurting, imprisoned, lost, or have physical and spiritual needs.  To teach all christians how to apply practical Biblical appliations and christian principles in everyday life.
Spring Hill Church was founded around 1844. The land for the church was donated by the Ross family. The families who attended the church at that time were the Dixon, Ross and Wilson families.

Some of the past pastors who served at Spring Hill were Reverend Malloy Wright, Reverend Waymon Melvin, Reverend Otto Smith, Reverend Edward Jenkins, Reverend Joseph Humphrey, Reverend James Johnson, Reverend M.E. Stubbs, and Reverend Harvey Gillis.

Some of the former deacons who served at Spring Hill were Deacon Player Dixon, Deacon Dave Dixon, Deacon James Dixon, Deacon James McDougald, Deacon Benjamin Dixon, Deacon John Wilson, Deacon Charlie Monroe, Deacon Alex Mack, Deacon Jeff Toon, Deacon Frank Wilson, Deacon Jack McLean, Deacon Elmer Wilson, Deacon Conrad Kelly, Deacon Patrick Monroe, Deacon Gary Kelly, Deacon James R. Kelly, and the late Chairman, Deacon Baalam McLean.  

Deacons currently serving under the leadership of Chairman Deacon James E. McLucas are, Deacon Paul Martin, Brothers Larry Moore, and Isaiah Kelly who are currently deacons in training. Trustees presently serving are Larry Moore and Isaiah Kelly. We are currently in the process of selecting junior trustees and deacons to help continue our commitment to excellence in ministry. Deaconesses are Martha McRae, Joann McLucas, Ethel McLean, Roberta McLean, Lettie Shields and Evelyn McDougald.

The church structure has evolved over the years the years as we take time to reflect on the previous structures. Overall the church has changed structures four times as the church has transitioned from two wooden structures, a cinder block structure and the current brick structure. The first one was destroyed by storm, the second one deteriorated over time; the third one was destroyed by fire in 1983.

Under the leadership of pastor Reverend Harvey Gillis in 1984 our fourth and current church was constructed and dedicated in Hope Mills North Carolina. Due to the diligence of the members and faithful community partners we were able to pay for the church as we built with the exception of the pews and pulpit furniture. “Glory be to God!” 

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